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Quincy Walker Burgess  Tells us the main characters in her life are her husband Chase, her daughter Maren and her son, Quill. Quincy says she "brings the fun and has a genuine love for people." Making people smile is her all-time favorite thing. Quincy's love language is physical touch which means she is probably going to give you a BIG HUG when she sees you, Quincy spent over a decade working in the corporate world as a marketing director before pursuing her own dreams. It is her mission to bring laughter, love and that Beyonce type confidence into the lives of everyone she interacts with, be it in real life, or online. Quincy says, people are her passion. She spends her days encouraging, educating, and empowering women on their health journey as a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach. Quincy is also a Motivational Speaker and has traveled around the US speaking to women & business owners on stepping into their confidence. Quince is a woman of faith and states she has been blessed far beyond what she deserves, and is extremely grateful for that every day. Quincy says, "I am just a girl doing the best I can while spreading love and joy to those who surround me."

James Cox is 33 years old and was born and raised in Waycross, Georgia. He is  married to Lindsay Cox, and they have four beautiful children (two girls and two Boys). James is the school resource officer at Ware County Middle School and currently in his 14th year of Law Enforcement. James is also the school's wrestling coach and a youth club wrestling coach as well. He enjoys inspiring our community's youth to set and achieve goals by teaching them skills that will assist them on and off the mats. James tell us during his Law Enforcement Career he has worked in conjunction with both Magnolia House and Satilla Advocacy Services, and has witnessed firsthand the positive impact these organizations have on our community. James said he is "honored to be a part of this benefit to them, and I would like to thank them for all they do for our area."   

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