Laci Gillis

Laci grew up in Blackshear, Georgia.  She attended Mercer University and Florida Coastal School of Law.  She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.  Many of you may know her brother, Will “The Thrill” Gillis.  He plays in the Miracle League and pretty much any other sport he can participate in.  Although she is not particularly athletic, she is her brother’s biggest fan.  Laci is always there to support him and cheer him on.  “Doodle” (Laci’s nickname for Will) and Laci have a special bond.  They love to play video games and watch movies together.  It is because of her brother that Laci is dancing in this year’s competition.  She desires to be an advocate for those with special needs and chose to be an attorney so she could help families with family members with special needs.  Laci understands the struggles people with special needs and their families have.  But she knows that with those struggles comes great happiness, like seeing her brother hit a home run at a Miracle League game.  Laci hopes seeing her dance in this year’s competition will bring her brother as much joy as she gets watching him participate in his many extracurricular activities.  

Mason Tippins

Mason grew up in Guyton, Georgia. As a young lad, he took a special interest in hunting and fishing.  In high school, he participated in competitive shooting sports and bass fishing tournaments.  Today, he works for Pepsi, Co. and still enjoys the outdoors.  When he is not remodeling his house, he enjoys hunting (anything that moves, during the appropriate season, of course) and fishing. 
He has even been known to adventure on scalloping expeditions in Florida.  Mason loves to travel and anything to do with the great outdoors. 
He maintains a close relationship with his family and spends a great deal of time with his parents, Bobby and Cassy Tippins, and his canine brother, T-Bone.  He is known for his luscious beard and charming personality and never meets a stranger.  With his charming personality, and fabulous dance moves, he brings a smile to everyone’s face.  But do not mistake him for a softy. Mason is hard working and enjoys physical activities, especially if cold beverages are involved.

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